UNICEF Landmine Stickers….

Here’s a clever ad that UNICEF put out a few years ago to raise funds for people who have been maimed by landmines. Stickers, camouflaged to look like pavement, were left on sidewalks. When someone steps on one, it sticks to the bottom of his/her shoe. The underside informs the victim that if it had been a landmine, s/he would have been mutilated.

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If you think gas is expensive here….

Gas in Norway is a whopping $9.28 per gallon. Here are price comparisons in other countries as of the end of February….

Canada $4.49 per gallon
Italy    $7.77 per gallon
Japan  $6.30 per gallon
Greece $8.45 per gallon
U.S. the nationwide average $3.53 per gallon.
Less than a dollar per gallon in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Nigeria,
Venezuela gas 12 cents a gallon.


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Perhaps some Judgement

Just about everything is popping up on the Internet these days, with cell phones having the capabilities of video taping just about anything, and being able to upload onto Youtube.  TTC has been experiencing some difficulties lately experiencing several of their employees showing up on the net, and now 2 teachers from a Canadian school were caught on tape during a pep rally acting inapropriately in front of students as young as 13 years old.  It goes to show, proper judgement needs to be made on a daily basis, as you never know when you’re going to end up on the Internet.

One Dream, 3000 Lights


Twenty-five years ago, Kris Marshall of Iowa draped a strand of Christmas lights across his pickup truck. Now, eight incarnations later, the Christmas Truck has 3,000 lights. Matt Hardigree writes for Jalopnik:

It’s amazingly nontechnical, it’s literally just lights taped to a truck. According to Marshall “It’s not very scientific, it’s a hideous site in the daylight, there’s black tape and wires in the daytime.” But at night it’s amazing. Marshall has used eight trucks and added dozens of strand since, though it’s always a 2WD Chevy/GMC with a regular cab and eight-foot truck bed “the way a truck ought to look.”

By his own estimate there are 50-to-70 strings with a mixture of 50 and 100 lights each, making a conservative estimate of 3,000 lights. There are no LEDs, just the cheap $0.89 strings, though he’d like to add some to take pressure off the taxed generator.

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