Internet Banking Interuption

CUCBC will be conducting maintenance on their system on Sunday February 25, 2007 at 1am. As a result, the HomeBank Internet Banking will be down for 15 minutes. If HomeBank is down for a longer period, we should have it up and running by early morning.

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Gift Cards are convenient for Everyone!

Some of you may have known the convenience of the Gift Card for years. It is a Gift that will surely please. When a monetary value is placed on the card by the cashier, the card can be used online or in store for purchases. The idea is that now Aunt Betty can purchase a gift for her nephew that allows him to get something he will really enjoy. What he chooses, the exact size and colour is up to the lucky gift card recipient.
Just as gift card is convenient for you; it is also convenient for scam artists. These scammers don’t actually steal the gift card from your pocket but the effect is the same. Since gift cards have become so popular you can walk into almost any store and you will see that there are usually large racks and displays near the cashier. Scammers will copy down the numbers on the gift card and wait for unsuspecting shoppers to purchase these cards. A few days later the scammer will call the customer service number written on the back of the card. They then find out the remaining balance (if any). If the card has been activated and there is a balance remaining the thieves begin to go shopping with your card. They can go online and the gift card that you gave your nephew is as good as cash to them! Since you may become a victim if you buy gift cards from racks in stores here are a few things you can do to avoid these unfortunate scenarios.

-Buy gift cards from the person behind the counter if you can.
-Choose gift cards that have a protective backing or a scratch off PIN so that only the purchaser can use it.
-Check the packaging or the back of the card for tampering before you buy it.
-Always keep your receipts, which can show the card number and exactly how much you have paid.

For more information, check out the Ontario Ministry of Government Services website at .

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