Finally! No more fooling around….

Now that the age of cheque imaging is here, change is on the horizon. I was sort of sad to stop receiving my statement which had for years included my returned cheques. But as technology races forward, and with eco-awareness becoming an important issue, I decided that, to do my bit, I would opt to receive my monthly statements and cheque images electronically. Not only would I be saving countless trees, but I would also have the convenience of information at my fingertips.
Now, if you are like me you may have been dabbling with the internet banking from time to time. I can’t tell you how many times I had to call the ladies at the credit union to have my access reset because I couldn’t remember my password! (Slowly but surely I was somehow able to remember that my alias was ALWAYS in capital letters!) When this idea of e-statements came to me, I figured what could be so hard? Then I found out that I would have to log in separately to get my cheque images. I was getting confused which password was for which account… There just seems to be a new code to remember everyday now…and not to mention that my bank was charging me an arm and a leg for the privilege.
But now I’m getting off track…. you can imagine my surprise when I read the TEUCU website and found out that now you can log on to the TEUCU Homebanking site AND view your e-statement AND see your cheque images! All in one place! All for free! I had to try it, to see if it was really as easy as they would lead you to believe.
And guess what?
It is.
All I had to do was go to , log on to my Homebanking as usual and click the e-statement link on the left hand side. Pick the date of the statement I was looking for and open the file.
That’s it.
No more fooling around.
No more fooling around with the constant stream of mail coming to my door. No more separate passwords, and no more wasted paper. Did I mention that it was free? Why didn’t I think of this a long time ago?

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