RRSP time is fast approaching!

RRSP time is fast approaching!
The deadline for making your 2007 RRSP contribution is February 29th 2008. Don’t get lost in the crowd! Make your TEUCU RRSP contribution today. Short on cash? We have RRSP Loans and Lines of Credit (at prime) to make life easy. Simply apply online at www.teucu.com , call us at 416-542-2522 or visit either of our 2 locations 14 Carlton Street or 500 Commissioners Street.

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Council opens new playground for the over-60s

Like most playgrounds, it is filled with smiling faces and laughter. But these faces have seen more of life than you might expect, and the laughter is a little more mature in tone.

Britain’s first playground for the over-60s opens today in Manchester.

Finally, something to keep them from joining gangs and running the streets at all hours of the night. Seriously though, what a great idea.

Check out the link here.

TEUCU has a new look!

We felt that there was a need to make our image match how we feel…to make our outside match the inside, so to speak. While making sure that all of our members are getting the best possible products and services, we put on a fresh face. And as much as things can change, sometimes the details stay the same. You can still log on to our Cyber Banker (formerly Homebank) from the link on our homepage (on the right side, middle picture) with the same Password and Alias as you did before our facelift! Break into our Urban Vault website; see what’s new on our blogs along with games and our events calendar. There is much more to see! So if you need a hand finding your way around, please give our offices a call at 416-542-2522 or come in to either of our two locations 14 Carlton Street or 500 Commissioners Street. While you are checking out our new websites, don’t forget to fill out our online survey! You will be entered in to a draw for a chance to win one of two $25 gift certificates for Cineplex Odeon.

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If you’re currently bored and looking for something to do, you can follow the below link to the Chopper game. The object is to use your mouse to fly the chopper as far as you can go, while avoiding the walls that are strategically placed to showcase your skill. My high score is 2698. See how well you can do.


The Watchful Eyes

It seems like social networking has taken on a new dimension.  As entertaining as the sites like Facebook and MySpace are, now it’s not just for your friends and family.  Although there was always the possibility that someone insidious could be lurking at your private pics or cult-awestruck by your commentary, it seems a new threat is making its way out of the shadowy depths.  According to Joe Cannon’s morning show on 940 Montreal, fraud investigators are using these social networking forums to confirm allegations of welfare fraud.  Whether this form of cyber spying is actually being done, it brings new meaning to invasive investigation.  I also heard that employee or prospective employers may be doing the same.  So next time you are on your favourite social networking site and are just about to embellish a story, flirt with a difference of opinion or exaggerate a passion, remember all eyes could be on you!  

MacBook Air

So….Do you love it?

Apple just announced the .16-inch thin MacBook Air — a laptop so thin it fits in a manila envelope. The new machine features a full-size keyboard and LED-backlit 13.3-inch display with built-in iSight, and the new larger trackpad supports multi-touch gestures. Just like the iPhone, you’ll be able to pan around, pinch to zoom, and rotate with two fingers, and move windows with a flick. Apple got the size down by using the same 1.8-inch 80GB drive that’s in the iPod classic, but you’ll be able to order a 64GB SSD as an option. The Air eschews optical media, but there’s a separate external you can snag for $99 and Apple’s also announced a feature called Remote Disk that’ll let the Air get data off the optical drive in any PC or Mac running the Remote Disk software.  On the Apple website the price is listed as $1899.

What Ever Happened to My Privacy?

Just in case you missed it, on December 21st, the CRTC announced that the infamous Do Not Call List (DNCL) is alive and well and the list should be launched by September 30, 2008.  Bell Canada (the only bidder to operate the National list) will be responsible for registering numbers, providing telemarketers with updates and  consumer complaints regarding telemarketing calls.  Does this mean that you will be able to eat your dinner in peace?  Well, there are exceptions of course and they include registered charities, political parties, daily circulation newspapers and survey companies.  In addition, exemptions include ‘existing business relationships’.  What are those?  You be the judge.  Check out S. 41.7 (2) of the Telecommunications Act. http://laws.justice.gc.ca/.

And the last time I called….nevermind.

Stage West

Are you looking for an evening out that the whole family can enjoy? At Stage West out in Mississauga, the entire family can get together for a great buffet dinner and a theatre style musical. If you’re looking for a more romantic setting, Stage West also has hotel accomodations that you can stay at after the dinner and performance.

Just this past weekend, a staff dinner brought us back to Stage West for the musical production of 70’s Fever. A compilation of 70’s hits from some of the biggest disco performers from that era. It didn’t even matter if you’re not a fan of 70’s music or disco, the energy from the performers is enough to get you moving in your seats.

Stage West always has new and exciting shows for their audience. To purchase tickets, or to view a selection of upcoming shows, visit their website at http://www.stagewest.com/