CyberBanker has relocated!

CyberBanker has been relocated to a new page. What this means for TEUCU members is that anyone who has bookmarked CyberBanker as a favourite will not be taken to the CyberBanker page. A message will be displayed for those members who have the old page information bookmarked. If you use the link provided on our homepage at you will be brought directly to CyberBanker. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call our offices at 416-542-2522 or visit either of our two locations 14 Carlton Street or 500 Commissioners Street. 

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Mind Puzzles

Do you see a face or the word ‘liar’?


Who is the tallest?


Do you see four people?

Do you see the word lift?

What do you see? Eleven Ships or Three Ships and Eight Arches?

Thanks Anne-Marie!


:   Although this scam is based out of the North Eastern US, our members can always be on the alert to avoid scams artists and fraudsters. Residents of Paramus, NJ and surrounding areas have been receiving automated ”Vishing” telephone calls impersonating a local financial institution. The automated calls have gone out to thousands of area residents regardless of which financial institution they patronize.  It is clear that the perpetrators of this scam are not in possession of the specific information for the financial institution that they are impersonating. SCAM ARCHITECTURE 

  1. A consumer receives a pre-recorded call identifying a specific local financial institution.  The message informs that consumer that his or her personal bank accounts have been frozen.  The messages advises the consumer to immediately input their ATM or debit card number, expiration, date, and PIN to reactivate the affective accounts.  CV2 from the back of the card may also be requested.


  1. Calls appear to be made from various telephone numbers. The automated phone calls are most likely being made from a Voice over Internet protocol (VOIP) telephone service using various telephone numbers that are attributed to this scam.


  1. Unauthorized ATM withdrawals are occurring immediately in Spain (and possibly other countries) as this scam develops.
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TEUCU is now offering Grants to help our members reach their goals!

  At TEUCU we want to help provide our members who are students with opportunities to pursue post-secondary education. The TEUCU Essential Life Skills Grant will help to prepare young people for the future and  encourage them to become contributing and successful members, TEUCU will award a $1,000.00 grant to help fund the expenses for students in their pursuit of higher education. TEUCU is also offering the TEUCU mySELF Optimizer Grant. This grant encourages our members to make the most of any situation and to fulfill themselves and their lives by continuing to grow and learn and better themselves in a variety of ways. TEUCU will award two $500.00 grants to help fund the expenses for members in their pursuit of personal growth, whether it is a certification for a trade or a gourmet cooking class! Applications may be obtained from TEUCU at either of the two branch locations. For more information about either of these grants please contact our offices at 416-542-2522. Applications must be  submitted by June 30th, 2008 for the TEUCU Essential Life Skills Grant. Selections will be made by an impartial committee appointed by the Board of Directors.  

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hyperWALLET Information Update.

As of December 1, 2003, TEUCU members can no longer transfer funds to hyperWALLET from their accounts at CIBC or Presidents Choice Financial. This change is  the result of a business decision by CIBC; hyperWALLET was not able to 
persuade the bank from this course of action.
 NOTE:  The decision by CIBC does not affect hyperWALLET’s ability to  transfer funds to accounts at CIBC or PC Financial.

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More TEUCU Winners!

Congratulations to Carol Brotman and Kristine Gordon! They each won a $25 Rona Gift Certificate by filling out TEUCU’s online survey. When you complete our most recent Online Survey you are entered into a draw for a chance to win one of 2 $25 gift certificate for M&M Meat Shops. Just in time for BBQ season!

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Successful new manager get bonus — all in cat food

May 26, 2008, 9:32AM
Successful new manager get bonus — all in cat food

Associated Press

TOKYO — A money-losing Japanese train company has found the purr-fect mascot to draw crowds and bring back business — tabby Tama.

All the 9-year-old female cat has to do is sit by the entrance of western Japan’s Kishi Station, wearing a black uniform cap and posing for photos for the tourists who are now flocking in from across the nation.

Her job makes cultural sense in Japan, where cats are considered good luck and are believed to bring in business.

Tama has done such a good job of raising revenue for the troubled Kishikawa train line that she was recently promoted to “super-station-master.”

“She never complains, even though passengers touch her all over the place. She is an amazing cat. She has patience and charisma,” said Wakayama Electric Railway Co. spokeswoman Yoshiko Yamaki. “She is the perfect station master.”

People have been snatching up novelty goods — postcards, notebooks and erasers — bearing Tama’s photos.

The cat had been about to lose her place to live, with the nearby store where she was raised being torn down. Now, the station is home.

The Kishikawa line had been losing $4.9 million a year as passenger numbers fell steadily to as low as about 5,000 a day, or some 1.9 million a year.

After Tama’s appointment last year passenger numbers have risen by 10 percent to about 2.1 million a year.

In December Tama was rewarded with bonus pay — all in cat food.


Rescue dog gets a little bit of help herself

May 23, 2008, 11:45PM
Rescue dog gets a little bit of help herself

Associated Press

COLUMBIA, MO. — After years of helping authorities look for murder victims and survivors of natural disasters, a search-and-rescue dog named Molly has been rescued herself.

Surgeons at the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine on Thursday installed a pacemaker in the 5-year-old chocolate Labrador retriever’s heart. She needed the surgery after being diagnosed with a complete electrical heart blockage.

Owners Allen and Alicia Brown of Saginaw were overwhelmed with offers to help pay the more than $2,500 in surgery, vet and travel costs after The Joplin Globe reported on Molly’s need for the pacemaker.

Medical technology company Medtronic Inc. donated the device, and a Kansas businessman offered to pay up to $2,000 of the cost anonymously.

“It surprises me greatly,” Allen Brown said. “There’s just been such an outpouring of public support for her.”

Molly was scheduled to return home Friday and be confined to her crate for two weeks. She will have limited activity for the next two months but should be able to return to full-time rescue work after that, Allen Brown said.

The Browns are volunteers with the Newton County K-9 search-and-rescue unit, which doesn’t have a budget. Allen, a paramedic, and Alicia, a nurse, put in hundreds of hours searching for bodies during emergencies. The unit has five certified dogs and three others in training.

The Browns noticed that the usually energetic Molly, whose full name is The Unsinkable Molly Brown, became lethargic and out of breath last month. Veterinarians believe she had a heart attack.

Patrice Graham, another member of the K-9 search-and-rescue team, spearheaded efforts to help the Browns pay for the surgery.

“I know that everyone is tight, but these people do a lot of volunteer work,” Graham said. “If she could save one more life or recover one more body for a family, it would be worth it.”