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The Toronto Hydro is making some changes at 14 Carlton Street! Part of these changes will be that TEUCU will be
moving to a new location! Our branch will be moving from the mezzanine level to the lobby. We will still operate under the same hours as before and have the same contact information, but there will be a new addition. We are happy to announce the arrival of an ATM at the 14 Carlton location! This new ATM is scheduled to be fully operational in the fall and will be
replacing cash services due to new security issues for staff and members. Although we will do our best to co-ordinate the move with the delivery of the new ATM, there may be a period of time where cash is temporarily unavailable at our 14 Carlton Street location. Please remember that your TEUCU ATM/debit card will work at hundreds of locations throughout the city, surcharge free. If you need a list of ATM locations or would like more information on how to use the cash back service offered by many retailers please call us or you can look online on our website at www.teucu.com.
Please keep an eye on our blog throughout the upcoming weeks
for more updates on the big move!

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TEUCU Grants APPLY NOW! Deadline for submissions is 7 August, 2009!

Our members’ personal development is important to us. To encourage our members to pursue higher education and foster an environment for personal growth, we offer the following grants:

The TEUCU Essential Life Skills Grant – TEUCU is dedicated to contributing to our members’ well being and personal development and as such we want to help provide students with opportunities to pursue post-secondary education. In an effort to prepare young people for the future and encourage them to become contributing and successful members, the credit union wants to award a $1,000.00 grant to help fund the expenses for student members in their pursuit of higher education.

The TEUCU mySELF Optimizer Grant -TEUCU is committed to providing our community with opportunities for individuals to achieve their personal, educational and vocational goals and to become more responsible and productive members of society. In an effort to provide our members with opportunities to enhance their lives, TEUCU is offering the TEUCU mySELF Optimizer Grant. To encourage our members to succeed, the credit union wants to award two $500.00 grants to help fund the expenses for members in their pursuit of growth initiatives. Please visit our website at www.teucu.com or call 416-542-2522 for full eligibility requirements and more information.

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Rice Patterns!

Rice farmers in Japan create wonderful works of art by planting different varieties of rice in patterns. The 2009 crop has been photographed and can be seen by everyone -not just airplanes! This rendering of Napoleon is near the town hall in the village of Inakadate in Aomori prefecture. See more at Pink Tentacle.

Pepper-spray defence means South Africa robbers face loss of balance at cash machines

Cash machines offer an ever-growing menu of services beyond merely dispensing money. For tampering criminals, this now includes a squirt of pepper spray in the face .

The extreme measure is the latest in South Africa’s escalating war against armed robbers who target banks and cash delivery vans. The number of cash machines blown up with explosives has risen from 54 in 2006 to 387 in 2007 and nearly 500 last year.

The technology uses cameras to detect people tampering with the card slots. Another machine then ejects pepper spray to stun the culprit while police response teams race to the scene.

But the mechanism backfired in one incident last week when pepper spray was inadvertently inhaled by three technicians who required treatment from paramedics.

Check out the link here.

TEUCU Fall Bus Trip

TEUCU Fall Bus Trip
Day of Discovery
Friday October 2, 2009

This trip is valued at over $85.00 and is exclusively for members only!

We will travel east out of the city making our way along one of Ontario’s famous Apple Routes, we will visit a local apple producer and have an opportunity to buy farm fresh apples and apple products. For lunch, we will enjoy a roast beef carvery buffet with all the fixings at Arthur’s Restaurant in Cobourg. Following lunch we will experience a historical tour of the town of Cobourg. We conclude our day with a visit to the Hoselton Studios in Colborne, home of the buffed aluminum sculptures. Here we have a tour of the sculpturing process and an opportunity to purchase figurines at a discounted price.

The tour bus will leave from Wood Street (behind 14 Carlton Street) at 8:30am and will return at approximately 6pm, depending on the traffic.

As space is very limited, to avoid disappointment please register today by calling our offices at 416-542-2522!

Exec/Ult Suite Members $45.00
Standard Members $65.00
To find out your member status please call our offices at 416-542-2522!

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