Attention TEUCU Members!


 Please be advised that if you have Barrie Hydro as a Bill Payee added online, the vendor name have changed to Powerstream. If you have Barrie Hydro please notify us by calling 416-524-2522 to remove it from your account or you can delete this off directly from your online banking. Please make sure that this has been changed before making any more payment.  

Strawberry Bus Trip 2010

Our spring bus trip was once again a great success. It was the perfect day to visit a market, enjoy wine tasting and have delicious strawberries. To start off the tour we visited the Hamilton Farmers market. It was originally founded in 1837 and is well known for their farm fresh products. With an array of delicious foods to choose from, our members enjoyed fresh vegetables, fish and meat as well as fresh baked goods, tropical good tangy cheeses and even coffee and donuts. That afternoon we traveled to the Hernder Estate Wineries in St Catherine’s, known for their VQA and fruit wines, to take in their incredible wine tasting tour. After the tour we indulged in a buffet lunch at the winery. Last but not least we visited Puddicombe Farms and were given the opportunity to tour and taste their specialty wines. We ended our trip with a strawberry shortcake, and many of us browsed their general store. Thank You to all who came out and made it such a memorable trip! We have posted pictures in our gallery for your viewing pleasure.


Bus Trip 2010