TECUs 2011 AGM was a great success!

Another great Annual General Meeting of The Energy Credit Union Limited! 124 members and guests gathered at the Primrose Best Western on Carlton Street. There was a catered buffett, door prizes and a great guest speaker Rosita Hall. Here are a few picures but to see the rest you’ll have to visit our website or click on the link here!

Members stay safe!


With the Epsilon email breach in the news recently, The Energy Credit Union would like to take a moment to remind our members about the importance of internet safety and how to take precautions to protect themselves. Some think that there is no need to worry since cyber thieves were only able to steal email addresses.  Keep in mind that with these email addresses, there is now the potential for a huge phishing attack, which can cause much more damage.

Be cautious when opening links or attachments from unknown third parties. We want to remind you that TECU will never ask for your personal information or login information in an email. As always, be cautious if you receive emails asking for your personal information and be on the lookout for unwanted spam. It is not our practice to request personal information by email.

As a reminder, we recommend that you:
• Don’t give your account numbers or log in information in an email.
• Don’t respond to emails that require you to enter personal information directly into the email.
• Don’t respond to emails threatening to close your account if you do not take the immediate
  action of providing personal information.
• Don’t reply to emails asking you to send personal information.

For more information check out our website.

UNICEF Landmine Stickers….

Here’s a clever ad that UNICEF put out a few years ago to raise funds for people who have been maimed by landmines. Stickers, camouflaged to look like pavement, were left on sidewalks. When someone steps on one, it sticks to the bottom of his/her shoe. The underside informs the victim that if it had been a landmine, s/he would have been mutilated.

Check out the link here.

If you think gas is expensive here….

Gas in Norway is a whopping $9.28 per gallon. Here are price comparisons in other countries as of the end of February….

Canada $4.49 per gallon
Italy    $7.77 per gallon
Japan  $6.30 per gallon
Greece $8.45 per gallon
U.S. the nationwide average $3.53 per gallon.
Less than a dollar per gallon in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Nigeria,
Venezuela gas 12 cents a gallon.


Check out the link here.