TECU Fall Bus Trip (October 21, 2011)



Our members enjoyed an autumn jaunt north of the city to beautiful Muskoka, and took in the beautiful scenery! We started our day in Port Severn with a buffet luncheon at the lovely Christie’s Mill Inn and Spa. Surrounded by fragrant pine on a crystal clear lakefront, the European-style Inn offers a sophisticated blend of old-world charm and contemporary luxuries.

Following lunch it was a short drive to the Severn Falls area to view the Big Chute Marine Railway. Completed in 1917, this boat lift works on an inclined plane to carry boats in individual cradles over a change of height of about 60 feet, and is the only marine railway of its kind in North America still in use. Next, we travelled through the beauty of Muskoka, from Severn Falls through Bala, Torrance and on to Gravenhurst and Orillia. We stopped at the Mariposa Market Bakery to enjoy a little shopping and Afternoon Tea before motoring home. View the pictures here.

Congratulations Greg!

Congratulations to Greg Aletto, who won a $100 Bon Apetit Gift Card from The Personal Home and Auto Insurance this morning at our onsite at 500 Commissioners Street. Greg filled out a ballot for a quote and his name was drawn as the winner!

Increased Authentication is here for good!

Please be aware that the Energy Credit Union wants all of our members to feel secure while performing any banking online. The transition period for increased authentication is now over. From this point forward all members must initialize the full security password system to access their CyberBanker. You will be prompted to set up your security questions and image. Please keep in mind that if you are accessing your account from your personal computer you may consider registering your computer so you can avoid having to answer the security questions each time you log in. We do recommend you do not do this on a public computer.

Executor Ease is here!

The Energy Credit Union Limited understands that our members care about protecting their families and their assets, particularly in the event of unexpected tragedies or significant changes in their lives. But many members may be unsure about how to develop a comprehensive estate plan to take care of those they love.

This is why The Energy Credit Union Limited has entered into a partnership with Concentra Trust to provide you with important information on estate planning.
Estate planning is a process that eliminates uncertainties and maximizes the value of your estate. The steps involved include:
Review and document your current financial situation.
Define your personal and financial goals.
Identify options and make informed choices that will allow you to achieve your desired outcomes.
Put your plan into action.
Review your plan and periodically make adjustments.
A complete estate plan ensures that you can provide for those you care about, even if you’re no longer there. Isn’t the peace of mind knowing your wishes and directions will be known and carried out worth it?
For more information please call out offices at 416-542-2522 or visit us online here.