Phishing Scam alert!

In the most recent wave of scam attempts people will receive an alert via text, requesting that they call a toll free number because their account has been locked due to exceeding online attempts.  The text messages reference a financial institution name, however the person receiving the text does not always have a relationship with the Financial Institution referenced, which indicates that the text messages are being randomly sent.

Members that call into the number will be prompted for their card number, expiry date, and their personal access code.  You should not provide this information at any time, as this may lead to your account being compromised.

Please be aware that the Credit Union will never ask you for personal information via text message, email, or over the phone. If you receive a suspicious email or text asking you to submit personal information such as account passwords or PINs please disregard and do not respond to them. You should NEVER tell anyone your PIN.

If you happen to have been locked out of accessing your online banking, ATM/Debit card or Credit Union Mastercard you will be directed to contact an Energy Credit Union Branch. Please speak to a credit union employee who will help you regain access. If you have any concerns about your account and it’s security please do not hesitate to conact us at 416-542-2522.