Restricted access at 500 Commissioners

Our 500 Commissioners Street location is a restricted access location. Members who are not currently employed by Toronto Hydro will need to call ahead to make arrangements if a visit to this branch location is necessary. Please contact us at 416-238-5606 if you have any questions or concerns.

Phishing Scam Members Be aware!

We have been made aware of the following incident at another Ontario credit union.

 After a member input his online banking account number, and before entering a password, a popup survey appeared on his screen. The popup is written and formatted to look like it is coming from the credit union even though the credit union did not instigate the survey.

It is suspected that the popup survey is triggered by a malicious program that was installed previously on the member’s personal computer and that its aim is to collect personal information on the member which can then be used to commit identity theft.

 This fraud is another example of a typical phishing scam.

 Please be vigilant with online passwords and if you come across anything that seems out of the ordinary or different, please let our staff know.