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NOTICE is hereby given that the 75th Annual General Meeting of The Energy Credit Union Limited (Formerly The Toronto Electrical Utilities Credit Union Limited) will be held at  The Holiday Inn, 30 Carlton Street Toronto, Ontario M5B 2E9 on April 4th, 2014 at 5:00pm (doors open at 4:30pm).

Please click the link below for the full notice and special resolution.

2014 AGM Notice


Uncertain future? The Energy CU understands that no two situations are alike.

As always, we understand that life can surprise us,  even the best made plans can change. If recent events have led you to think about  future uncertainty, know that we are here to help our members navigate through uncertainty. Worried about  making your loan or mortgage payments? Contact the CU directly, to discuss payment options. Because no two situations are the same, the Credit Union strives to review each situation on an individual basis to ensure that mutually acceptable arrangements can be made. 

Payment options may include: 

  • Interest only payments
  • Additional funding to meet ongoing expenses
  • Postponement of payments
  • Re-Negotiated payments with a financial review post event
  • Restructuring
  • Consolidation

 Please contact the Credit Union to discuss your individual needs. What will work in one situation may not be in your best interest. We are here to discuss your options with you.  Call our offices today at 416-542-2522 to re-evaluate your financial big picture. We are here to help!