The Golf Association has a New Name!

Please Welcome


We would like to thank everyone who participated in the “Name the Golf Association” contest and although we did not select an exact entry, we used many of the ideas submitted in order to arrive at our decision.  Therefore, all who participated in the contest had their names entered into the prize draw.

Congratulations, Wilbur Anderson!

You are the lucky winner of the Samsung 7” 8GB Galaxy Tab 4 tablet.

Again, the Executive Committee would like to thank everyone who took time to participate and remember we are now accepting applications for Membership in The Energy Golf Club for the 2015 golf season.  For more information please  visit our Website under “The Club” link on this homepage.

Family Day Closure

Please be advised that our branches will be closed for Family Day 2015. Please keep in mind that the telephone teller and our CyberBanker will be available 24/7. Please make sure your account has been activated with these free services and you will be able to access your accounts from the comfort of home at any hour of the night or day!

Family Day 2015

Notice to members! Keep your account in good standing!

A special resolution was met with unanimous membership approval at The Energy CU`s AGM held on Friday, April 4th 2014. Previously, the Board of Directors determined that it is in the interests of the Credit Union to raise additional capital by  increasing the minimum required shareholding. Basically, what this means to you as a member is that the Credit Union’s Capital Shares have increased. Members will have two deadlines to meet in order to keep their CU account in good standing.

By April 4, 2015 all current members will need to increase their Capital Shares to a total of $50, and by April 4, 2016 current members will need to increase their Capital Shares to a total of $100.

All new members who join our credit union after April 4, 2014 will be required to have a total of twenty (20) five-dollar ($5) Capital Shares totaling $100.

To keep your account in good standing please make sure your shares are increased by the deadline! You don’t want to miss out! In order to attend our AGM, have voting privileges, attend our golf day and other CU events you must be a member in good standing!

Your share investment will provide us with additional capital in order to continue our business activities for the future. With more members doing business with us we can continue to provide you with innovative products, services and added convenience. Call our offices for more information 416-238-5606 or to have your shares increased.