Leadership is a quality that has touched each and every one of us at some point in our lives. Without the guidance of leadership, we would not have the foundation we need to grow, and we would struggle to find the tools necessary to reach our greatest potential.

TECU recognizes the value of leadership. We also realize that it takes a special individual to be a leader. Most importantly, we understand that even leaders need guidance. Even leaders need the tools to grow and further develop their skills and attributes. This is why we have decided to sponsor an aspiring adolescent to attend the Co-operative Young Leaders (CYL) camp.

For more information about how you can apply please click here.


Wondering how big your tax return will be?

If you are wondering how to maximize your tax return, here is a way you can get some answers. If you choose to use Turbo Tax to do your tax return this year, you can use their handy RRSP calculator function to see how different contribution amounts can increase your return. If you need a little more cash for that RRSP deposit than you have on hand, just call our offices to apply for an RRSP line of credit or loan. If you use the link on our website  you will also receive 20% off Turbo tax. Questions? Give us a call! 416-238-5606

Family Day Closure

Please be advised that all  Energy CU branches will be closed on Family Day, Monday February 15th, 2016.

Did you know? You can bank when and where you like!

You can access your account 24/7 with our Mobile App (for iOS and Andriod), CyberBanker online banking, and Telephone Teller. We have Remote Cheque Deposit through your Smartphone too! If you are not yet signed up for these free services give our offices a call! For more  information: dial 416-238-5606, reach us toll free at 1-888-942-2522 or please visit us online at www.theenergycu.com .

Possible service interruption.

Some members may have experienced difficulties accessing their online banking on Sunday February 7th, 2016. The Energy CU would like to let our members know that Member Direct has resolved the issue and members should be able to access their account as usual without interruption. If you have any questions or concerns please call our offices at 416-238-5606.

Attention Members! Potential debit card issues in the U.S.

Attention Members! For those members travelling to the U.S. we have become aware of some potential debit card impacts related to the use of your Energy CU MemberCard. Due to the U.S. updating to chip technology from their dated magnetic stripe technology, our members may find some instances where their debit card gets declined. This is due to software incompatibilities as each vendor upgrades their individual terminal.

We are currently working with our switch provider for a resolution and a potential solution is currently in the testing phase. To avoid possible service disruptions while making purchases in the U.S. you may want to consider using your Credit Union MasterCard. If you don’t have your credit union MasterCard already you can click here to apply now.

If you have any questions please call our offices at 416-238-5606