Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL)

The Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL) went into effect July 1, 2014. It is in place to protect Canadians while ensuring that businesses can continue to compete in the global marketplace. On July 1, 2017 the third phase of CASL comes into effect. From time to time Energy CU staff may contact our members via email or other electronic means in order to serve them more efficiently. If at any time you would prefer not to receive electronic messages from The Energy Credit Union Limited, please contact us by email or phone 416-238-5606.

You can give your consent online here.

Christmas Holiday Hours

Please be advised that our branches will be operating on a holiday schedule during this holiday season. Please keep in mind that the telephone teller and our CyberBanker will be available 24/7. Please make sure your account has been activated with these free services and you will be able to access your accounts from the comfort of home at any hour of the night or day!

Southlake Branch

  • December 22 8:00-4:00
  • December 25 + 26 Closed
  • December 27-29 8:00-4:00
  • January 1 Closed
  • January 2 8:00-4:00

Service Centre Branch

  • December 22 8:30-3:00
  • December 25 + 26 Closed
  • December 27 8:30-4:00
  • December 28-29 8:30-3:00
  • January 1 Closed
  • January 2 8:30-3:00

Head Office Branch

  • December 22 8:30-3:00
  • December 25+ 26 Closed
  • December 27-29 8:30-3:00
  • January 1 Closed
  • January 2 8:30-3:00

Gerdau Branch

  • Tuesday December 26 Closed
  • Thursday December 28 Closed


Are you travelling with your MemberCard outside of Canada?

If you’re planning on taking a trip outside of Canada, please contact us at 416-238-5606 prior to leaving. Our ongoing monitoring programs have identified increased levels of fraud in certain countries recently. As a result, debit card transactions may not be processed in those countries effective 1 November 2016. If you are a frequent traveler to the US, you can sign a Bond of Indemnity which would allow you to have full access of your card without having to notify us each time, for the states you specify. Some conditions apply. For more information please contact us at 416-238-5606.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but the security of our Members and their funds is very important to us.

ClickSWITCH integration with online banking

You are now able to initiate your switches even faster by logging into your internet banking!

Keep in mind that only the Primary Account Holder’s information will pull into Clickswitch; therefore, joint accounts may require the member to sign in using their own credentials, and enrolling the account numbers on their respective joint account.

If you have any questions about how you can quickly and easily start the process of switching all your automatic transfers, debits and direct deposits, please all our offices for details at 416-238-5606.

New Card provider coming soon!

Effective January 1st, we’ll be working with a new credit card provider

If you carry a credit union MasterCard from CUETS Financial, below is some information you need to be aware of.  In the New Year, we’ll be moving to a new credit card partner, and that means we won’t be able to provide support or information on our website or in the branches for your CUETS card.

**Please watch for a letter from CUETS explaining this change and how they will continue to work with you effective January 1, 2018.**

If you’re used to signing in to the MasterCard or Choice Rewards site, be sure to save or bookmark the link before December 31st because we’ll be removing those links from our website.

What will stay the same?

You can continue to use your CUETS MasterCard after January 1st*. Please ensure your address is current with CUETS so you will receive any notices from them.

If you’ve set up Credit Union MasterCard in your bill payments, you’ll still be able to pay your bill online and in the branch.

The terms of your agreement with CUETS will not change as a result of our move to a new provider.

What will change?

Effective January 1st you won’t see any direct links to the CUETS or Choice Rewards site on our website. When you login onto the Choice Rewards site, you will no longer see our name or logo on your landing page.  Be sure to save the link before December 31st.

In the event your credit card account is secured with a Guarantee by the Credit Union, you will receive a letter from us directly. Unfortunately, your account will be closed and your card will no longer work effective December 31, 2017. We will also be in touch with you to discuss replacement product offerings.

We will no longer offer CUETS cards in the branches, and unfortunately we won’t be able to provide member service on your existing card. Please contact the CUETS toll-free customer assistance number: CUETS Financial Card Services 1-800-561-7849.


On January 1st, 2018 The Energy Credit Union Limited will be introducing an exciting new family of both personal and corporate credit cards. Our new card offering will provide excellent options to our members, with cards that can specifically suit their individual credit card needs, both for personal use and for business.

Please note that members may continue to use their existing Energy CU Mastercard card issued by CUETS Financial beyond January 1st, 2018.  If you have any questions regarding your current Mastercard you should contact the number on the back of your credit card.

We will keep you informed and provide greater detail on our new credit card program as we get closer to launch.

 If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Financial Services Manager, Mark McDonald at 416-238-5606.