Check your Cheques!

Some of our members may have noticed that some of the larger financial institutions have been giving some heavy pressure to order new cheques. At TEUCU, we feel it’s important to give you the facts. If the cheques you currently have are “image friendly”, there is no need for you to have the added expense of ordering new cheques. Older cheques, with images across the front, may cause problems with the imaging of the cheque. If you are unsure of the compatibility of your cheques you can just sign up for e-statements which are now available through internet homebanking. If you can see your cheques clearly, there is no need to purchase new ones. Also, keep in mind that our cheque provider, Davis and Henderson upgraded their cheques about two years ago. That means that if you have ordered cheques within the last two years, they are probably already compliant with the Canada Payments Association’s new guidelines. Call today and sign up with internet banking to see your cheque images online at 416-542-2522. Or drop in to either location at 14 Carlton Street or 500 Commissioners Street.

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