Scam Alert!! Can you hear me?

If you receive a phone call from someone and they keep repeating “Can you hear me? Can you hear me?” should you answer them? Anti-fraud agencies would tell you NO!

This new scam seems to be trying to bait whomever answers the phone to say “yes”. Anti-fraud agencies say that simple acknowledgment can be used to make it sound as if you signed on for a purchase or service.

“They’re trying to get a recording of you saying ‘yes,'” said Ron Mycholuk, a spokesman with the Better Business Bureau of Central and Northern Alberta.

“They’re going to take that recorded ‘yes,’ play around with that audio and make it seem to you, or a representative of a business, that you have paid for some advertising, a cruise or a big ticket item, and send you the bill.”

Don’t fall victim to this scam. You can read more about this scam here.

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