Be Alert about your Alerts!

Scammers will try many different ways to trick you out of your hard earned cash. There have been reports of other customers of large financial institutions falling victim to fraud. This time with the account alert systems. If you enjoy getting our alerts please remember that The Energy Credit Union would not solicit any personal information from you via these alerts. Do not reply to these alerts if you are prompted in any way. If you are unsure please contact the branch directly at 416-238-5606 with any questions.

The Energy Credit Union does not send text messages or emails that ask you for your password for online and mobile banking, Personal Identification Number (PIN) for either your Member Card or credit cards, account numbers for any type of account, answers to your security questions, or access code for adding payees.

Here is a link to an article that tells how a couple in Nova Scotia got scammed when they replied to a text they received from what they thought was their financial institution.

Stay safe!