Energy Credit Union is the first!

TransUnion and Canadian Credit Union Association (CCUA) are pleased to announce The Energy Credit Union has launched TransUnion’s CreditView Dashboard – a financial literacy and credit education solution. Energy Credit Union is the first credit union in Canada to launch CreditView. Through the Dashboard, Energy Credit Union members will have on-demand access to their credit report, risk score and a robust credit monitoring solution for increased protection of their identity. Further, the digital Score Simulator allows these credit union members to invent credit scenarios, such as when applying for additional credit, increasing a payment amount, missing a payment and more. This will help to immediately increase understanding of the impact that their behaviours could have on their overall risk score. “Not only did we see this as an opportunity to educate our members about their credit report and maintaining a responsible payment history with their creditors, but also as a way to enhance our brand by allowing us the opportunity for a diverse product offering platform in keeping with our member service and member education model” says Mark McDonald, Financial Services Manager at The Energy Credit Union. CreditView was showcased to The Energy Credit Union’s members on April 7, 2017 at its 78th Annual General Meeting, with TransUnion present to help kick-off the event. The new product offering was well received by members, and we are excited to finally have it available to them.